My wife and I sold our home and purchased a new home through Cindy during the summer (closed early August).  We have to say, it was the most pleasant, time saving, professional and stress-free large financial transaction we have ever completed!  Cindy was “off the charts” wonderful!  Not only did Cindy do what she said she was going to do, she also did much more than that.

I am not sure what your numbers were during the summer, but to sell a house, and then to deliver an offer that was accepted on a new home within two weeks, I would think this type of performance in real estate these days is fantastic!  All along, Cindy made sure that my wife and I were communicated to quickly, and accurately.  There was never anything left for chance.  We were both amazed at the level of service Cindy gave us, knowing that she had other listings she was working on, and other things going on that were probably more pressing than our issues!

We have highly recommended Cindy to anyone that is talking real estate these days, we sure hope she receives some additional business through our contacts, she deserves it!  We also obviously realize that she is with Coldwell Banker, and I must admit I have a personal bias toward Coldwell Banker because of your participation in the MPAEF, having been a Board Member for 4 years now, I have witnessed and really appreciate your support!

We have sure received the best treatment that we believe one could have ever received while selling and purchasing a home!

Thanks for listening,
Scott and Lisa
SVP Sales

We worked with Cindy over nearly two years and had an absolutely fantastic experience with her from start to finish.  When we relocated from the East Coast, Cindy gave us great advice about various Silicon Valley communities, as well as about the real estate markets in each one.  She ultimately helped us find a fantastic rental.  Though it yielded no commission for her, she insisted that we see the home as soon as it came on the rental market because she said that she knew it would be a great match for us.  It was.  In the ensuing two years, as we considered purchasing a home, Cindy kept us updated on the state of the overall market and on developments in various communities.  She listens extremely well and she showed a real knack for figuring out which houses we would want to see and which houses did not fit our needs.  Simply put, she exhibited a keen understanding of what we were looking for and she never wasted our time.

When we finally settled on a particular house, Cindy handled the bidding and purchase process masterfully.  Although we have previously worked with real estate brokers who clearly just wanted us to “transact” as quickly as possible, Cindy counseled patience and gave great advice on bidding strategy.  In the end, she was a very tough negotiator and because of that, we ended up getting the home that we wanted at a price that was better than we expected.

We would heartily recommend Cindy to anyone who is looking for an energetic, knowledgeable, patient, and extremely skillful realtor.

Andrea & Neal

We can not recommend Cindy highly enough.  She does not fall into that everyday category of “real estate agent”.  Cindy is more of a true real estate consultant and friend, who always has your very best interest in mind.  For Cindy, it is not about selling a house.  It is about making certain you will be happy with your decision and the investment for the rest of your life.  She is most concerned about making your experience the best possible.  Cindy always goes above and beyond for you.  She is very honest and her broad knowledge helped us on everything from recognizing a great value to remodel recommendations and even how to handle a termite issue.  Cindy was loyal and patient with us, she negotiated a great price for us, and her detailed persistence was amazing.  We remain good friends and that speaks volumes for all of us.  We highly recommend Cindy.

Fred and Prem D.

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